The 3 Puerto Rican Imams Project is a long-term endeavor that seeks to provide solutions to the needs of the people of Puerto Rico. In its initial planning stages, it was meant to be an outreach-driven initiative to provide educational and social services to the Muslim community. However, after the devastating natural disasters that occurred in September, Hurricanes Irma and, more notably, María, the project became an emergency relief effort that extended not just to the Muslims of Puerto Rico, but to all Puerto Ricans.

These powerful cyclones literally hit home for the directors, three Puerto Rican Muslim leaders (Imam Abdullah Daniel Hernández, Imam Jose “Yusuf” Rios, and Imam Wesley “Abu Sumayyah” Lebrón) and their supporters, who share both their pain and vision, making this a mission of love and solidarity. The project is unique in that it unites various organizations and works collaboratively with others inside and outside of the island, while still working independently in its response. It has successfully brought people together of all faiths and nationalities with the common goal of providing relief to those most affected by the hurricanes and easing some of the many hardships they face.

By the Grace and Mercy of God, the 3 Puerto Rican Imams Project has been able to serve the people in the following cities in Puerto Rico, in the aftermath of Hurricane María: 1. Yabucoa 2. Ponce 3. Salinas 4. Coamo 5. Utuado 6. Lares 7. Añasco 8. Las Marías 9. Aguadilla 10. Arecibo 11. Hatillo 12. Bayamón 13. Gurabo 14. Navarro, Gurabo 15. Río Piedras 16. El Viejo San Juan (La Perla) 17. Humacao 18. Toa Baja 19. Manatí 20. Orocovis 21. Moca 22. Adjuntas 23. Canovanas 24. Maunabo 25. San Lorenzo 26. Vieques (A generator was sent to a medical center) 27. Mayaguez Total spent during both trips is around $35k, thus far. Quantity of items approximately bought and distributed on the Island: 1. 3000 bags of rice 2. 2500 can of tuna 3. 2000 boxes of milk 4. 3000 bags of pasta 5. 2500 cans of beans 6. 200 jars of pasta sauce 7. 200 boxes of cereal 8. 5 pallets of water (380 cases 9,120 bottles of water) 9. 100 packs of coffee 10. 3000 packs of Farina/Oats 11. 50 bags of sugar A message from the Three Puerto Rican Imams: We first thank God, then all of the wonderful donors, from all walks of life/religions/colors/nationalities, who are committed to following the beautiful teaching of being a “Mercy for Humanity.” We are also thankful to all the people who have been collaborating with us, whether in the back end or front end of the project, because without all of you this work would not have been possible. A special thanks to those who have collaborated: 1. Hablamos Islam 2. IslamInSpanish 3. AgitArte 4. Catholic Church of Humacao 5. Catholic Church of Yabucoa 6. Episcopal Church of Castañal 7. Evangelical Ministries of Bayamon 8. Centro Ayaní 9. Irso (Yasir) 10. CVS in Carolina, who has been key in this process 11. Walgreens in Utuado 12. Ana Show In Ohio Channel 3 13. Irvin Maldonado Sr. 14. Islamic Relief 15. ICNA Relief 16. CAIR Español 17. ISNA 19. Masjid Al Huda, Jersey City 20. Islamic Center of Passaic County 21. Masjid Tawheed 22. Muslim Community Center of Rockford 23. Muhammad Masjid NY 24. Islamic Center of Long Island 25. Islamic Educational Center of PA 26. Pearland Islamic Center 27. Islamic Center of Cleveland 28. Masjid of Boca Raton 29. Salam Cleveland 30. Islamic Center of North Jersey 31. JMIC 32. Aldo Pérez 33. José Acevedo 34. Alianza Islámica 35. Caribbean Relief Movement (Hazel Gómez, Shinoa Matos, Yusuf Maisonet, Khalil Salgado, and many others…) 36. Louis Torres from Guaynabo 37. Muslim Community Center of Rockaway 38. And many others whom we know prefer to remain in the background without being recognized publicly. We look forward to much more work with all of these individuals/organizations, as we are not yet finished but we are just warming up. Follow the 3 Imams on Facebook: Donate to:


Volunteers are truly the heart of 3IMAMS and keep us moving efficiently and effectively