The Three Puerto Rican Imams strive to build a multifaceted coalition based on the universal principles of solidarity, love, humanity, mercy, collaboration, and service.

In unity with the beautiful people of Puerto Rico, the Three Puerto Rican Imams are joining their hands, hearts, and efforts with other individuals and organizations for the sake of providing necessary relief after the terrible hurricane, Maria. They have fully committed themselves to this task. Acknowledging the fact that the resources are scarce, we thought it would be best to work collaboratively with others who share our passion and concern. The objective is to maximize the impact and, with God’s help, achieve greater results.

Many of the organizations that have joined the Three Puerto Rican Imams Project represent multiple faiths. Based on the teachings of the Qur’an, we believe in respect for people of other creeds and preferences. Allah, God Almighty, says: “There is no compulsion in religion” (Qur’an, 2:256). He also says, “To you your religion and to me mine” (109:6).

Our purpose is to serve, for the love of our people and as a demonstration of our belief in showing mercy towards humanity. Through our partnerships with the multi-faith communities we strive to develop long-term relationships that will contribute to the sustainability and the rising of Puerto Rico.

Our love emanates from our Quranic and Prophetic traditions. As it is stated in the Qur’an, regarding our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him: “And we have not sent you, Oh Muhammad, except as a mercy to all the worlds.” (21:107)

It was related on the authority of Abdullah, the son of Amr bin As, who said the Messenger of Allah said: “The merciful will be shown mercy by the most Merciful. Show mercy to all who are upon the Earth that the One who is in the heavens will have mercy on you.” (Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1924)

We plan to achieve these solid interfaith relationships through:

  1. Getting to know one another beyond names and professions, embracing each other’s families and sharing with one another.
  1. Each clergy introducing the other clergy to their congregation through a special educational and social program.
  1. The clergy’s commitment to engage their congregation in joint projects based on respect for each other’s differences.
  1. Clergy and congregations of the multi-faith community vow to stand up for one another when the need arises.
  1. The 3 Puerto Rican Imams strive to introduce their idea to the multi-faith community in Puerto Rico for the establishment of “The Puerto Rico Multi-Faith Declaration.”

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